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Please see below for the general questions related to travel grants. Please feel free to email or ask a question in the Travel Grants section of the GPSA Forum if you do not find answers to your issues or concerns here.

You will need to create an applicant profile in GPSA’s zoomgrants application site following the instructions below:

First Time Users

  • Click here to create a new profile in ZoomGrants.
  • On the right side of the page, you will see an area called “New ZoomGrants Account”– Enter in your information and make sure to choose an email you want associated with your applicant profile.
  • You will only need to create a profile once. You can use the same user profile for applying to any GPSA travel/research grant program.

For students who are also reviewers

  • If you have a ZoomGrants reviewer profile from reviewing for a competition, but have never created a regular user profile, you will need to create a separate user/applicant profile with a unique email address in order to apply for a grant.

Yes, students can submit applications for virtual events.

You can still submit an application for an in-person event during COVID-19. However, please be aware that if ASU travel restrictions have not been lifted by the time you attend your event, you will not be refunded for your expenses.

Travel and research grants are funded from graduate student fee money and Educational Outreach and Student Services (EOSS) funds from the university.

GPSA’s Office of Internal Affairs oversees both research and travel grant programs. This includes Vice President of Internal Affairs, Director of Travel, Assistant Director of Travel, Director of Research, and Director of Grant operations.

Applicants are notified no later than the 30th of the month they applied if not sooner.

GPSA does not offer travel advances. Travel grants are only available for reimbursement.

You can submit multiple applications as long as the sum total of the requested amount does not exceed the allowable maximum ($950).

No. Travel dates and locations cannot be changed after an application is approved.

You cannot add group members to an approved group travel application. However, it is okay if one of the approved group members is unable to travel due to extenuating circumstances.

Please email us at so that we may reallocate those funds to the next eligible applicant.

Yes. If you are awarded partial funding due to budgetary constraints, you may reapply for the remaining portion if eligible during the next cycle.

You will not be able to use the awarded funds for a future conference. You will have to apply again.

Yes. In your application, you will need to describe the types of jobs you are applying for and your qualifications for those positions. You do not need to have any interviews scheduled at the time of application but you definitely need to provide scheduled interview documentation when requesting a trip in Concur.

Be specific and detailed in providing your answers. For example, provide a description of your service that lets the reviewers know the time commitment involved, the length of service, and how recently you’ve served. Remember your application will be judged by an interdisciplinary audience, so your responses should be accessible to people not in your field. Be sure your application is complete (Group, Interview, and Internship all require supplementary documentation).

Examples of GPSA Service: Executive board member; Director; Assembly member; Reviewer for Research, Travel, or award programs; GPSA volunteer for professional development events, social events, GPSA programming; active event participant and attendee

Examples of ASU campus/field/community service: Local community service; GSO (graduate student organization) leadership or involvement; ASU campus event volunteer; university boards and committees participant; department volunteer (e.g. mentors, group leader, orientation leader); professional association volunteer (journal editor, reviewer, committee leader); Graduate Education volunteer (e.g. TA Mentor and trainer)

Anything an applicant is PAID to do (e.g. TA/RA/GA/MI, etc.) is NOT service.

Please try clearing the cache and switching browsers. This seems to happen the most if you are trying to copy and paste from another source like a word document. We suggest typing your answers directly in ZoomGrants.

In cases like when there are no registration or hotel costs, ZoomGrants does not like to leave the fields blank in the budget table. We suggest including some nominal amount like one cent or a dollar. Please do not use any $ symbols in front of the numbers.

If that does not work, please try clearing the cache and switching browsers.

Feel free to email or call at (480)965-3111 if you have questions about recalling or submitting the actual trip in Concur.

Please refer to the award letter for instructions on how to submit a travel request on concur.

Yes, but you should provide us a 21 day comparison of the round trip ticket. You will be reimbursed the lesser of the two costs.

No. GPSA does not reimburse flight tickets purchased through concur.

You may include personal travel and fly back from a different airport. However, you should provide a 21 day comparison of the round trip flight ticket to/from Phoenix and the conference location and you will be reimbursed the lesser of the two costs.

You may save a pdf of the website specifically showing the dates and location. Also, include the conference program if applicable. Providing just a link to the conference website is not acceptable.

The account signer is directly related to the account number you enter on the header page. If you included the account number provided in the award letter, you should not have any issue locating the account signer.

The email notification from zoomgrants is your award letter. Please save it as a pdf and upload it on Concur.

Concur asks for an account number on the request header. Where do I find it?

The account number is provided on the award letter.

The account signer is directly related to the account number you enter on the header page. If you included the account number provided in the award letter, you should not have any issue locating the account signer.

Please login to zoomgrants to access your submitted application. You will find a placeholder to submit the testimonial under the “Required Supplementary Documents” tab.

Please follow the instructions on the award letter to obtain approval from multiple sources.

Don’t see your question answered above? Click here for to view our extended FAQ page.