Graduate and Professional Student Association

Educational Outreach and Student Services

Purpose of the Grant Programs through GPSA

  • To promote excellence in graduate education at Arizona State University;
  • To recognize and support quality graduate student research;
  • To provide financial support for research projects that are not eligible for other sources of funding or for which funding is difficult to obtain;
  • To support the successful completion of research required for a graduate degree;
  • To provide graduate students with experience in developing and reviewing grant proposals; and
  • To build Arizona State University’s reputation as a leading research institution.

Grant Programs Deadlines

NOTE: All deadlines are at 11:59 PM AZ time.

Graduate Research Support Program (GRSP)

Funding Source:
Graduate College

Funding Levels:
Terminal (thesis or dissertation): $2,000
Independent (distinct from thesis or dissertation): $750

Application Deadline:

Summer – June 1, 11:59pm AZ Time

Fall: September 1, 11:59pm AZ Time

Spring: December 1, 11:59pm AZ Time

The HEAL Grant - Health, Exercise, Athletics, and Learning

Funding Source:
Sun Devil Athletics (SDA) Operation Board via Athletics Fees

Funding Levels:
Terminal (thesis or dissertation): $3,500
Independent (distinct from thesis or dissertation): $1,500

Application Deadline:

The 1st of each month

Jumpstart Grant

Funding Source:

Funding Levels:
Up to $750 per semester

Application Deadline:

The 1st of each month


Publication Grant

Funding Source:

Funding Levels:
Up to $1,200 per semester

Application Deadline:

The 1st of each month


Selection Criteria

Funded proposals will demonstrate:

Expenses: What is/is not allowed?

Allowable Expenses

Expenses that are NOT Allowed

All Programs

Specific Programs

Application Process


Determine which grant program for which you would like to apply

Check the grant program details (including, allowable expenses, deadlines, requirements)



Submit an application for the grant program in ZoomGrants

Applications MUST be submitted by the application deadline. Late applications will NOT be accepted.

We encourage applicants to not wait until the evening of the 1st to submit their application. ZoomGrants could overload at this time, which could delay the time of submission past the deadline (11:59 PM). GPSA is not responsible for such delays, and applications submitted after the deadline are not eligible for funding.

Within ZoomGrants you can start your application, save your progress, and come back to it later!


After you submit your application, all eligible applications will be reviewed by fellow graduate students.

Applications will be evaluated using the Research Grant Application Rubric.



You will be notified of award status within one month of the application deadline

Please note: If you do not receive notification of your awards within the time-frame specified above, it is your obligation to inquire as to the status of your application.

Please reach out to the Director of Grant Operations at if you would like to receive your application feedback.

If you receive an award, review the award letter for a detailed list of requirements and responsibilities following the award.


BLIND YOUR APPLICATION MATERIALS: You MUST remove your name from your CV/resume when submitting your application, as this is a double-blind review process. This also means names of all authors must be removed from publications and/or presentations listed in your CV.


By submission of an application, the applicant agrees that they have read and agreed to all the rules of the program and that the information on the application is true and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge.

Integrity Disclaimer

Please note that all applicants for any GPSA program must submit their own unique, individual applications to all GPSA-funded programs. Students are not permitted to take any portion of content from prior student awardees for any reason whatsoever. Any student caught using the work (in any portion) from another student or copying their own material from a prior application will be considered in violation of GPSA’s policy. Such action will prohibit the student in question from being eligible for the current application in consideration and may inhibit eligibility for future GPSA funding applications. In summary, each application must be your own original work. Given that we are a student entity within Arizona State University, GPSA mandates that all students act within the university’s academic integrity policy found here.

Technology Disclaimer

The GPSA and its administrators are not responsible for technological failure. Technical support can be contacted by visiting the application website. The GPSA and its administrators are also not responsible for any lost, destroyed, or otherwise delayed applications; for any resulting loss or revetment of funds by their own negligence. Further, no awards are guaranteed and the GPSA Vice President of Internal Affairs may rescind any grant for any reason at any time without prior notification. Program guidelines are subject to change at any time, with or without notice.



All research carried out under the sponsorship of ASU is subject to all of the University’s research policies and procedures. In particular, investigators conducting projects that involve human subjects, laboratory animals, biohazards, recombinant DNA, etc., must obtain the necessary approvals before commencing work. Project PIs are solely responsible for obtaining Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval for subject participation prior to GPSA project implementation. Applicants must submit a copy of their completed IRB form (if required) or IRB approval (or exemption) letter. For more information on ASU’s Institutional Review Board (Human Subjects), please visit