Graduate and Professional Student Association

Educational Outreach and Student Services

Legislative Branch

Office of the Assembly President

The GPSA Assembly represents graduate and professional students from colleges and schools across all ASU campuses and online students.  The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Assembly presently consists of fifty-six (56) voting members who represent more than 29,000 graduate and professional students from ASU Arizona campus locations and online programs. The GPSA Assembly advocates for graduate and professional students on issues of common concern, and it provides oversight for the multitude of activities from GPSA’s Executive governmental branch, including the approval of policy making efforts in the GPSA Student Advocacy Agenda and GPSA Annual Strategic Plan, or monthly GPSA-sponsored event(s) programming. Likewise, as the Legislative governmental branch of GPSA, the GPSA Assembly conducts all oversight, accounting, allocation, and approval for monies or funds disbursement(s) within the annual GPSA Budget (currently valued at ~$1,400,000 dollars) and funding direction of monetary support resources to Graduate Student Organizations (GSO) at ASU.

The primary function of the GPSA Assembly is to pass bills that advocate for graduate and professional student interests and values, approve budgets that promote academic and professional success, and distribute funds to support graduate student organizations (GSOs). Assembly members serve as the primary liaison among their constituents (colleagues), GPSA executives, and the ASU Administration.

Members of the GPSA Assembly also serve on committees that focus on particular graduate and professional student concerns, including advocacy to university administration and government representatives, diversity and inclusion, student grants and awards, professional development resources and opportunities, and funding for GSOs.

If you would like to join the assembly, please check the roster for any open seats and apply here before the first of the month for an opportunity to be selected.  You will need to be present at the Assembly Meeting on the third Friday of the month from 3:00 – 5:00 pm in order to be eligible.  You must apply for a seat to represent the college or school you are enrolled in.  If you are interested in volunteering for our events or on one of our committees, please sign up here.  Check our calendar for upcoming meetings and please submit any legislation that you would like GPSA to consider by uploading it here.

Assembly President - Kelly Baur

Kelly Baur is a documentary filmmaker and community organizer who dreams of a future with no police and no borders.  She is currently pursuing a PhD in Linguistics/Applied Linguistics at Arizona State University. She first got involved with GPSA in 2021 as an Assembly Member.

Assembly President Pro Tempore - Smantha Fessler

Samantha is a 4th year PhD Candidate in the Exercise and Nutritional Sciences program in the College of Health Solutions. Her research focuses on nutritional strategies, particularly the investigation of dietary supplements as preventative and adjunctive strategies to prevent and mitigate chronic disease. This research approach focuses on the complex interplay between inflammation and metabolism in the development and alleviation of chronic conditions in healthy and vulnerable populations and the identification of bioindicators which reflect these intricacies. In her free time, Sam is usually hiking, reading, or eating.

Chief Administrator - Jisoo Kim

Jisoo Kim is a 4th year Ph.D. candidate in Geological Sciences. She uses field observations, petrography, microanalytical methods, and numerical methods to explore pre-eruptive processes in post-caldera volcanic settings and the development of distributed volcanic fields. Outside of research, Jisoo also serves on the Executive Committee of United Campus Workers Arizona, the wall-to-wall union for workers at ASU and the University of Arizona.

GPSA Parliamentarian - Michael Kintscher

Michael Kintscher (they/them) is a PhD student in computer science studying Computer Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) and Data Visualization. Their work focuses on human collaboration, organizational structures, and how computer-mediated systems can augment both. Michael’s fascination with human collaboration and organization extends into their advocacy and organizing work within higher education, especially within the queer student community. Michael has been a queer student leader for six years now, and had extensive experience in writing policy and bylaws, particularly to set up resilient organizations and promote inclusive and accessible participation in governance. In their free time Michael is an avid gamer (PC and Xbox), pro home chef, and queer and autobiographical blogger.