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Join a Committee

Committees unite Assembly Members, GPSA Executives and Directors, and graduate students to plan events, oversee GPSA operations, administer funds for GSOs, grants and awards, and advocate for student concerns. According to the GPSA bylaws, every Assembly Member must participate in one committee.  However, Assembly Members and individuals from the student body at large are welcome to volunteer on as many committees as they wish.

The Assembly and Executive Branch relies on opinions and recommendations from each committee in its area of expertise. Committee work includes writing and receiving Assembly bills and resolutions, preparing policy papers and recommendation reports, event planning, and making budgeting decisions.

Committees are open for interested graduate students to join. Email the chair of the committee to learn more.

Current Assembly Committees


Supports the Office of the Assembly President to conduct the Assembly’s business. The committee manages changes to the GPSA Bylaws, Constitution, and related policy and procedural materials, including Assembly attendance policies.  They also administer Assembly Member Scholarships, organize Assembly Member orientations, and nominate new member candidates to the Assembly to fill vacant seats


Addresses issues and concerns specific to under-represented groups within the graduate student body. Members liaise between students and the administration on issues of equal opportunity and representation, and recommend initiatives and policy changes to the Assembly to improve the climate of diversity and inclusion within GPSA and the student body.

Chair: Maliyah Adams (

Maintains and interprets the GSO funding policy. Members review GSO funding applications (around $70,000 awarded per year), prepare GSO funding bills for Assembly vote, and develop programming to assist ASU’s GSO community.

Chair: Sam Fessler (

Supports the Office of the Vice President of Professional Development and the GPSA Director of Innovation Fellowship in the administration of Awards Programs, as well as promoting and executing numerous events throughout the year. The committee also helps in the advertisement, review, and selection of special projects for funding to support graduate student initiatives.

Chair: Suryaprakash Selvakumar, (

Supports the GPSA Director of Wellness in their Wellness agenda, projects, and events.

Chair: Brooke Butterick (

Supports the operations of the Director of Sustainability. Promotes Sustainability throughout graduate student spaces and ASU. The committee plans and facilitates sustainability events, collaboration amongst sustainability groups within ASU/GPSA, and perpetuates sustainable action/change where there is a need. The committee reviews and improves upon sustainability internally within GPSA and externally in its influence across ASU.

Chair: McKenna Hubbard (

Supports the initiatives of the Vice President of Internal Affairs and their staff. They have oversight of the Graduate Research Grant Program, Research Grant Program, Travel Grant Program, and beginning-of-semester graduate and professional student orientations.

Chair: Ndey Bassin Jobe (

Supports the resolution of interpersonal conflict among GPSA officers. This ad-hoc committee both handles ongoing conflict and preemptively studies and discusses theories of conflict resolution.

Chair: Génesis Ramos Rosado (

Supports the GPSA Elections Commissioner for GPSA Elections-related marketing and outreach efforts. This ad-hoc committee helps facilitate or otherwise provide opportunities for GPSA elections informational sessions and answering relevant questions about the GPSA elections process(es) or functional roles within GPSA.

Chair: Kruthikk Namasivayam Mohanasundaram (

Supports the Director of Outreach Downtown in organizing and hosting events that take place at the downtown campus.

Chair: Dakshita Jajoo (

Supports the Director of Outreach Poly in organizing and hosting events that take place at the Poly campus.

Chair: Aditya Raj (

Supports the Director of Outreach West/Online in organizing and hosting events that take place at the West campus or online.

Chair: Umang Bharat Mavani (

Supports the Vice President of Campus Engagement  in organizing and hosting events that take place at the Tempe campus.

Chair: Pavithra Moravaneni (