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Innovation Fellowship Program

Innovation Fellowship Program

The Innovations Fellowship Program (IFP) encourages graduate students to design and implement projects that help the graduate community, further GPSA initiatives and the society at large. It empowers students to become change agents in their communities. Fellows are meant to create entrepreneurial initiatives, develop and facilitate innovative workshops and create opportunities for their peers and other members of their communities to address important challenges in the society.

We hope the fellowship enables graduate students to complete projects that will benefit graduate students and Arizona State University. Applications can be submitted with co-authors; Awards will be split between all authors. Since its inception in 2018, the Program has funded Entrepreneur events, Veterans Mixers, International Student Advocacy Initiatives, among others.

Fellowships are available for the following project types:

  • Personal Projects
  • GPSA Projects
  • Volunteer Service


Eligibility Criteria:

Fellows must be

  • a graduate student in good academic standing
  • enrolled in at least 1 credit hour at Arizona State University, for the entire time they are working on their project.


Application cycles

Two application cycles each will be rolled out during the Fall and Spring semester respectively. The application windows for each semester are as follows:

FALL 2023

  • August 21 – September 15
  • October 15 – November 15


  • January 1 –  January 31
  • February 15 – March 15


All applications accepted, approved, and awarded for funding are expected to be completed by the end of the Spring 2023 semester for winners to get reimbursement.




The prize is divided into a scholarship and a fellowship award. The winners will receive a scholarship amount of 500 USD. In addition, the winners receive a fellowship award, which they can reimburse expenses up to 400 USD as programming/ operational funding in order to implement their program. In case of multiple authors/ team members,  the scholarship and fellowship award will be for the entire team.  

Eligible expenses:

The following are eligible expenses.

  • Food for events
  • Printing/Copying
  • Equipment rental
  • Materials and supplies (Biological supplies must be purchased through the applicant’s school or department. The department or school will then be reimbursed through a transfer up to the award amount.)
  • Professional services for data analysis, typing, transcription, or copying
  • Ineligible expenses


The following expense cannot be reimbursed using the Innovation Fellowship funds:

  • Equipment purchases (laptops, cameras, camera equipment, etc.)
  • Purchases made by departments, faculty, or by other grant funds
  • Travel of any kind
  • Tuition
  • Terminal publication charges for thesis or dissertation
  • Salaries and wages for research assistants
  • Items or services that require the university to enter into a contract with any non-approved vendor
  • Any other expense prohibited by university policy or deemed ineligible by the program’s administrators

For questions about the Innovations Fellows program, or to schedule a meeting to discuss the Innovations Fellows program, please email

  • Place details of past recipients/awardees under collapsible window for every year
  • Ashley Coogan, Linguistics and TESOL Conference
  • Kelly Baur, Linguistics and TESOL Conference
  • Carla Rhodes, Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Margaret Shultz, Creative Writing Workshop
  • Shep Bryan, Grad2Grad
  • Weiqing Xu, Grad2Grad
  • Gevork Gevorkyan, Grad2Grad
  • Harrison LaBollita, Grad2Grad
  • Danis Yangaliev, Grad2Grad
  • Skyler Mendes, Graduate Student Educators Symposium
  • Erika Nadile, Graduate Student Educators Symposium
  • Stacey Flores, Compassion and Fatigue Retreat
  • Terrance Balousek, Thunderbird Art Entrepreneur Event
  • Dakota Hohenwalter, Veteran’s Mixer Event
  • Niveditha Muthukrishnan, GSO Best Practices Manual
  • Jonathan Roll, GPSA Graduate Weekly Meet-Up
  • Amanjot Singh, GPSA Database Analysis Project
  • Parvika Singhal, GPSA Database Analysis Project
  • GPSA Engineering Committee, Ira Fulton School of Engineering Current Student and Alumni Event
  • Vipanchi Chacham, Women’s Mixer Event
  • Zaellotius Wilson, International Student Advocacy Event