Graduate and Professional Student Association

Educational Outreach and Student Services

Fall 2023 Award Winners

Teaching Excellence Award Winners Fall 2022

Sae Saem Yoon

Ph.D, Learning, Literacies and Technologies

Mi Liu

Ph.D, East Asian Studies

Michelle Allgood

Ph.D., Public Administration and Policy


Risa Schenlby

Ph.D, Biology and Society


Gloria Appiah

Ph.D., Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering

Gina Scarpete Walters

Ph.D., Comparative Culture and Language

Levi Helm

Ph.D., Biology and Society


Jack Waddell

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology


Straton Rushing

MFA, Theatre – Dramatic Writing

Chun-Ya Pien

DMA, Music – Piano Performance

Devi Sri Sudha

MA, Architecture

Benedicata Akley-Quarshie

Ph.D., Theatre for Youth and Communities

Alexandra Wormley

Ph.D., Psychology

Rachel Emling

Ph.D., English

Gaurav Galiyan

Ph.D., Chemistry

Cecilia Savala

MFA, Creative Writing

Outstanding Research Award Winners Fall 2022

Camila Paez

Ph.D, Political Science

Alexandra Wormley

Ph.D., Psychology

Marco Dehnert

Ph.D., Communications

Tam Kemabonta

Ph.D., Sustainable Energy

Dacheng Zhang

Ph.D., Communication

Seyedeh Maryam Mousavi

Ph.D., Computer Science

Abby Rocha

Ph.D., Mathematics Education

Tejas Gokhale

Ph.D., Computer Engineering

Bharath Kashyap

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering

Yuchan Gao

Ph.D., Learning, Literacies and Technologies

Ye Li

Ph.D., Psychology – Cognitive Science

Ana Isabel Terminel Iberri

Ph.D., Communications

Joanna Winstone

Ph.D., Neuroscience

Aditya Khuller

Ph.D., Geology

Ndey Bassin Jobe

Ph.D., Biology

Ali Mohammed Kachwala

Ph.D., Physics

Outstanding Mentorship Award Winners Fall 2022

Natalie Kanga

MS, Psychology

Anna Marrero-Rivera

Ph.D., Spanish Linguistics

Edauri Navarro Perez

Ph.D., Environmental Life Sciences

Stephan Baehr

Ph.D., Molecular and Cellular Biology

Nao Yamamoto

Ph.D., Applied Mathematics for Life and Social Sciences

Saikat Dey

Ph.D., Systems Engineering

Afua Ameley-Quaye

Ph.D., Design, Environment and the Arts

Tejas Gokhale

Ph.D., Computer Engineering

Srishti Gupta

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering

Nicole Brewer

Ph.D., History and Philosophy of Science

Sofia Fernandez

Ph.D., Spanish Linguistics

Samantha Fessler

Ph.D., Exercise and Nutritional Sciences

Joshua Pardhe

Master of Finance

Meryl Olah

Ph.D Clinical Psychology

Lizet Gonzalez

Ph.D., Spanish Literature

Ali Mohammed Kachwala

Ph.D., Physics