Graduate and Professional Student Association

Educational Outreach and Student Services

Executive Branch

The Executive Cabinet consists of the five (5) elected executive officers of the Graduate and Professional Association (GPSA): the GPSA President, the Vice President of Internal Affairs, the Vice President of External Affairs, the Vice President of Professional Development, and the Vice President of Campus Engagement. Each member of the Executive Cabinet serves on various University committees and acts as a voice for students to University administration, faculty, and staff.

Traditionally, the GPSA President deals with University-wide issues and administration, while also serving on the Council of Presidents (CoP). The Vice President of Internal Affairs administers GPSA’s research and travel grants process. The Vice President of External Affairs oversees the organization’s advocacy projects and policy priorities. The Vice President of Professional Development plans and implements career development programs and community events to recognize student achievement and strengthen student connections and relationships. The Vice President of Campus Engagement markets GPSA resources, maintains Graduate Student Centers (GSCs) across campuses, designs GPSA promotional materials, and hosts celebratory cultural and diversity events.

Overall, the Executive Cabinet works with the University’s administration, Undergraduate Student Governments (USG), and other community leaders on a range of student services, including affordability, health, sustainability, safety, housing, dining, and construction.

Office of the GPSA President

To provide the President with the support needed to govern effectively, the Office of the GPSA President (OoP) maintains responsibilities for administrative, advisory, and logistical support, along with duties related to budgeting, communications, and policy setting. The OoP represents graduate and professional students and their interests during all internal and external collaborations and discussions.

Megan McCaughan (she/her) 2023-2024 GPSA President

As the GPSA President, Megan has two roles: (1) she serves as a member of the ASASU Council of Presidents (COP) to advance initiatives at the university level for all students; and (2) she is the Graduate Student Body President overseeing the needs and interest of all graduate and professional students at ASU. Megan will continue the work of GPSA’s prior leadership on initiating long-lasting and sustainable support for graduate and professional students. This includes support for housing opportunities and cost, funding amounts and options, health insurance benefits, sustainability initiatives and education, and alternative transportation modes including biking and walking safety at and around ASU.

Megan McCaughan is a Molecular & Cellular Biology Ph.D student passionate about advancing global health through scientific discovery and participating in humanitarian efforts. Megan is committed to advocating for graduate student needs by both collaborating with and challenging the ASU administration. Megan has co-authored and passed Assembly legislation to waive student fees, expand access to health insurance and coverage, and secure additional travel and research grant funds. As GPSA President, Megan’s priorities are centered around affordability, sustainability, and wellness. More specifically to fight for higher stipends, comprehensive healthcare, and affordable housing options for graduate students while mobilizing their voices.


Chief of Staff (Vacant)



Satya Sandeep Chintu (he/him) Director of Sustainability

As the Director of Sustainability, Satya leads initiatives in environmental activism, student wellness, and resource allocation on behalf of the President and graduate students. Through collaboration with the GPSA legislative and executive branches, he shapes sustainability agendas within the Advocacy Agenda and ASASU priorities and is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and supportive environment at ASU.

Satya Sandeep is pursuing a master’s degree in Business Analytics at W.P. Carey School of Business. He blends academic excellence with diverse practical expertise in  banking and software domains. In managerial roles at the State Bank of India, he navigated various banking verticals, employing data-driven strategies that reduced costs and boosted revenue. Before banking, Satya excelled in front-end development. His comprehensive experience highlights technical and leadership skills, making him a dynamic advocate for positive change. His interests in spirituality and conscious living enrich his perspective, aligning with his commitment to emphasizing sustainability principles.

Génesis Ramos-Rosado (she/her/ella) Director of Wellness

As the Director of Wellness, Génesis acts as the liaison between GPSA and wellness-related programs and offices of ASU. Génesis is responsible for developing outreach, advocacy, and event programming related to mental and physical health, sexual safety, and physical activity to support graduate students’ holistic health. Génesis collaborates with the legislative branches of GPSA to develop activities across campuses that promote accessibility to wellness resources.

Génesis Ramos-Rosado is a second-year Puerto Rican Counseling Psychology Ph.D. student in the School of Counseling and Counseling Psychology. She is an awardee of the Presidential Graduate Assistantship Program, and her research focuses on the effects of coloniality on mental health outcomes in marginalized communities. Previously, Génesis held significant roles in community-led nonprofit organizations and student governance, such as Vice President of Impacto Juventud GC, Inc. [Youth Impact GC, Inc.] and Assemblymember for the College of Integrative Sciences and Arts for the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA). Génesis is enthusiastic about incorporating her experiences in community work and the mental health field into her role to increase access to wellness in graduate students.


Director of International Student Affairs



McKenna Hubbard (she/her) Director of Communication

The Director of Communication oversees all communication initiatives within the Office of the President (OoP). This role involves managing various forms of communication, such as internal and external GPSA emails, executive office memos, end-of-semester reports, fulfilling newsletter requests, and crafting speeches. Additionally, the Director acts as the main point of contact between the GPSA student body president and the broader student body/general GPSA membership.

McKenna Hubbard is pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Public Finance. She has been selected as the inaugural Jane L. Morris fellow at the School of Public Affairs, a prestigious fellowship named after esteemed city manager Jane L. Morris. Hubbard is currently employed as a Management Assistant within the City Manager’s Office at the City of Maricopa. Additionally, she serves as the primary ASU liaison for Valley Benchmark Communities (VBC), one of the largest and oldest local government performance management consortiums and benchmarking entities in the United States. Previously, Hubbard held significant roles in student governance, serving as the Director of Appropriations for the Undergraduate Student Government Downtown (USGD), and later as the Director of Sustainability for the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA).

Angel Medina (he/him) Director of Media

The Director of Media monitors all digital outlets utilized by GPSA and is responsible for the promotion of initiatives, events, and programs of all departments. This role also ensures and maintains efficient and up-to-date internal communication through a monthly internal digest distributed to all GPSA staff members. Additionally, the Director assists as the Director of Communications in all their endeavors, serving as the second half of GPSA’s Public Relations team. 

Angel I. Medina is pursuing a master’s degree in Public Administration. Outside of GPSA, Angel has 5 years of experience working in the field of communications, having served as part of a state government official’s communications and digital team and for various local nonprofits. Previously, Angel served as Director of Appropriations for the Undergraduate Student Government Downtown (USGD) during his senior year as an undergraduate student.

External Affairs

The GPSA Office of External Affairs (EA) exists to advocate for, with, and on behalf of the nearly 30,000 in-person and online ASU graduate and professional students. This office oversees GPSA’s advocacy projects, organizes students around relevant issues, lobbies policymakers, and develops graduate student leaders. Developed during the summer and presented each fall, the EA team submits the GPSA Advocacy Agenda for GPSA Assembly approval, setting the organization’s policy priorities. This office also plays a crucial role in drafting internal GPSA bills to define stances on policy issues.

The Office of EA oversees the Advocacy, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (AJEDI) Committee to facilitate action steps to implement the Advocacy Agenda and other internal legislation and support that agenda through advocacy programming. This committee is open to any student. The team is led by the Vice President of External Affairs, the Director of Legislative Affairs, the Director of University/Local Affairs, and the Director of Digital Immersion. 

Additionally, the Director of University/Local Affairs oversees a separate Justice Equity Diversity Inclusion committee responsible for researching university policies of relevance that impact graduate students at ASU. The University/Local Affairs director leads and supports committee initiatives, which may include writing/editing legislation, planning events, and leading other programs. This committee is open to any student.

Maliyah Adams - Vice President of External Affairs

The Vice President of External Affairs represents the interests of graduate and professional students to local, state and federal governing bodies, as well as the Arizona Board of Regents. This position serves on the Executive Committee and is chair of the Advocacy, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, and manages the External Affairs budget.this position also oversees the creation and execution of the Advocacy Agenda each academic year. 

Maliyah (Leah) Adams is a Masters of Social Work and Legal Studies student at the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Her study interests include the intersection and how the law impacts vulnerable populations. She has experience working within the state government and partnering with federal agencies to address the concerns of Arizona constituents. She is also a foster care alum who has dedicated her time and effort to advocating for other foster youth especially in higher education. Her goal for the External Affairs office this year is to create a safe and accessible space within GPSA that is open to all graduate and professional students.

Jamal Brooks-Hawkins - Director of Legislative Affairs

The Director of Legislative Affairs is broadly tasked with organizing our advocacy efforts at the state and federal levels of government. This director will lead important GPSA initiatives such as Legislative Action Days in Washington, DC, and maintain relationships with Arizona’s Congressional Delegation. 

Jamal is a Gender Studies doctoral candidate in the School of Social Transformation. His research explores how race, class, gender, and sexuality intersect to influence the experience and production of labor, economics, sexual stereotypes, and bodily autonomy. He has an extensive background in advocacy, policy, community organizing, and engagement; including being the former Vice President of External Affairs, a Leading For Change Fellow, and managing both issue and candidate campaigns.

Audrianna Markham - Director of University/Local Affairs

The Director of University/Local Affairs will develop, implement, support, and lead initiatives and programs that address graduate students’ challenges and empower them to create innovative and JEDI-centric solutions. This director will also liaise between GPSA and the diversity-centered graduate student organizations, supporting and implementing campus justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion initiatives. 

Audrianna Markham is pursuing a Master of Social Work at the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. With over four years of experience collaborating with local and state governments to address the needs of vulnerable populations, Audrianna is enthusiastic about leveraging her background and expertise to promote Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives for graduate and professional students.

Laura Hechel - Director of Digital Immersion

 The Director of Digital Immersion Affairs assists and engages the Annual Advocacy Agenda, which acts as the legislative agenda for online students. This director coordinates with other Directors of GPSA to ensure that there is continuity between in-person or campus immersion and online or digital immersion graduate and professional students. 

Laura Hechel is attending ASU Online to pursue a Master of Social Work degree. In the past, Laura served as a Russian linguist and Signals Intelligence Analyst in the United States Army. She obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Master in Business Administration. She currently sits on the Board of Directors and provides professional writing services for Operation iDream, a school in northern Zambia. She stays very active in the veteran community in Phoenix and is passionate about academic innovation, frequently advocating on behalf of both groups with elected officials.

Internal Affairs

The Graduate and Professional Student Association Internal Affairs (IA) Department administers the GPSA Research and Travel Grant Programs. The IA team creates the applications for both programs every year. We train, manage, and assign peer reviewers every cycle, and award funding to outstanding applications in each program. We work with Graduate College and the Athletics Program to provide the Graduate Research Support Program and the Athletics Research Grant, respectively.

Ndey Bassin Jobe - Vice President of Internal Affairs

The Vice President of Internal Affairs is responsible for the distribution of all funding allocated to the GPSA Travel and Research grant programs, and the management of all aspects of both the Travel and Research Grant Programs.

Ndey Bassin Jobe is a Biology PhD candidate in the Center for Evolution and Medicine at Arizona State University. She is originally from the Gambia, West Africa. Ndey is a medical entomologist and the core of her PhD research involves designing, building, and testing novel biotechnologies for the surveillance and control of mosquitoes. Jobe can be reached at

Kylie Wilson - Director of Grant Operations

The Director of Grant Operations supports the Internal Affairs Team in capacities related to the distribution of grants. This position assists the Director of Research and Director of Travel in the execution of their respective programs, monitors the eligibility of grant applications and ensure that grant awardees are connected with the resources needed to utilize their grant awards. 

Kylie is a PhD candidate in the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University with an emphasis in Population and Behavioral Health Sciences. Her research involves using multilevel community-based approaches to promote physical activity, specifically within schools, with an emphasis on physical activity assessment and policy. Kylie can be reached at

Tumininu Awonuga - Director of Research Grants

The GPSA Director of Research manages the research grant program provided by the Internal Affairs Committee, trains and manages the research grant reviewers, and answers inquiries sent to the research e-mail.

Tumininu is a second year doctoral student of Organizational Communication at the Hugh Downs School of Human Communication at Arizona State University. She is from Nigeria, West Africa. Her research interests are at the intersection of positive organizational scholarship, corporate thriving, and resilience. Tumininu can be reached at

Nicholet Deschine Parkhurst - Director of Travel Grants

The GPSA Director of Travel manages the travel grant program provided by the Internal Affairs Committee, trains and manages the travel grant reviewers, and answers inquiries sent to the travel email.

Nicholet Deschine Parkhurst, Standing Rock Sioux and Diné is a Ph.D. student in the Justice and Social Inquiry program in the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University and a Ph.D. Candidate in Indigenous Studies at Macquarie University. She earned a Master of Public Policy and Master of Social Work from ASU. Her research is at the intersection of Indigenous human rights, social movements, and digital activism. Deschine Parkhurst can be reached at

Professional Development

The GPSA Office of Professional Development (PD) is an inclusive, democratic, collaborative student-led endeavor which focuses to advance the academic, professional, and overall welfare of all graduate students of Arizona State University. This Office is dedicated to help students get the maximum value from the degree they seek from ASU. Over the year, the Office of PD will work with various student leaders/groups, ASU departments and administration to design programs, initiatives and advocate to cater the professional and career development needs of students.

  • Recognize graduate student achievement in teaching, research, advocacy, and mentorship. It also recognizes ASU faculty and staff who extensively support and contribute to the graduate community.
  • Plan and implement programs and events to help students with their desired career and professional path
  • Provide opportunities to foster innovation and creativity within our student community
  • Build and strengthen relationships with Graduate College, Career and Professional


Development Services, International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC), other ASU Administration, GPSA Offices, International Student Organizations, and other relevant actors to advocate for student issues and needs.

Surya Prakash Selvakumar - (Interim) Vice President of Professional Development

The Vice President of Professional Development is focused on designing and implementing programs for the professional development of graduate students. The Vice President along with the Directors in the Office of PD will work closely with the Graduate College, Career and Professional Development Services, ASU Administration, International Students and Scholars Center (ISSC), ASASU Student leaders, and other relevant actors to advocate for student issues and needs; and plan and execute events, awards and fellowship program. Pooja is a fourth year doctoral student from India studying science and technology studies at Arizona State University. Her research intersects at public health, science and technology studies and postcolonial studies. Her current work involves examining how data and information systems shape the understanding of health and healthcare in different national contexts.

Gina Scarpete Walters - Director of Awards

The Director of Awards administers GPSA’s award schemes aimed at recognizing outstanding graduate students and staff. In line with award administration, this position also recruits and trains graduate student reviewers to evaluate award applications.

Gina Scarpete Walters is a doctoral candidate in Comparative Culture and Language within the School of International Letters and Cultures. Her research interests lie primarily in cognitive and cultural linguistics with a focus on languages of the Balkans (Romanian, Modern Greek, and Albanian), as well as language and identity, and linguistic endangerment and language death. Originally from Romania, Gina advocates for linguistic and cultural diversity and less commonly taught languages. More recently, her work also focused on developing teaching materials for preschoolers of Piipaash, a severely endangered Indigenous language of Arizona.

Surya Prakash Selvakumar - Director of Events

I’m Surya Prakash Selvakumar, originally from India. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Construction Management and Technology from Del E. Webb School of Construction. I am always passionate about engaging in social activities and sustainable initiatives. I have organized and participated in a wide range of events throughout my academic life. From conducting events such as environmental initiatives, plantation drives, cleaning drives, and technical fests as well as entertaining cultural programs. By which I gained extensive experience in event management and strategic planning. I am part of other organizations and student chapters like ISSC, ISA, Changemakers, IFMA, USGBC, and CMAA. I am also a board member of the React Foundation NGO, an environmental initiative. Primarily creating public awareness and feeding homeless people. Through GPSA, I intend to create a positive impact on student life and enhance their professional development, fostering a thriving ASU campus community. As a Director of Events, I strive to create vibrant events for graduates that inspire professional growth, cultural intelligence, and academic excellence. Together, let’s create an inclusive environment for a transformative experience and enrich your personal and professional journey at ASU.  I enjoy hiking AZ mountains and biking.

“Believe in winning before you win.”

Tam Kemabonta - Director of Innovation Fellowship Program

Tam Kemabonta is a PhD student in the Sustainable Energy program at the School of Sustainability. The Director will lead the Special Projects Committee in soliciting, reviewing, and monitoring applications and projects associated with the Innovation Fellows Program. This position helps to increase the participation of students in GPSA programs and enhance the graduate and professional student overall experience at ASU.

Campus Engagement

GPSA Office of Campus Engagement creates engaging content, organizes events, which involves graduate students to enhance their college experience. This Office is totally dedicated to marketing the GPSA resources, maintain GSC spaces at all campuses, design the GPSA materials, host the events including welcome events (Fall & Spring), cultural events, wellness events and celebrate the diversity of campus community.

Responsibilities include:

  • To serve as a liaison between the GPSA Executive Officers and the Dean of Students Office at the ASU Downtown Phoenix, ASU Polytechnic, and ASU West & Digital Immersion campuses, respectively.
  • To oversee the maintenance of the Graduate Student Centers (hereafter as “GSCs”) at the ASU Tempe, ASU Downtown Phoenix, ASU Polytechnic, and ASU West Campuses.
  • To oversee the coordination and timely delivery and development of GPSA’s public communication elements.
  • To oversee the promotion and advertisement of GPSA’s various programs, events,and resources.
  • To oversee media requests, requests for interviews, public relation requests, and press releases in consultation with the GPSA President or appropriate GPSA Executive Officer(s) and the GPSA Assembly President.

Any questions or information, Please contact:

Pavithra Moravaneni - Vice President of Campus Engagement

Vice President of CE takes responsibility for promoting GPSA resources to the graduate students along with the team of Director of Marketing who create, design and share GPSA content to all social media accounts and also via Monthly Newsletter and Director of Outreach for Poly, West & Downtown Campuses who host events and guide students through the GPSA resources. Responsibility also includes maintenance of GSC spaces at all campuses.

Second Year Masters Student of Computer Software Engineering from India focusing on Building a software application.

Silvia Neretti - Director of Marketing

The Director of Marketing is a member of the GPSA Office of CE team. Responsibilities include producing and distributing digital creative materials for marketing GPSA events, initiatives, and programs.

Silvia Neretti is a Fulbright fellow, a social designer, and a doctoral candidate in The Design School at Arizona State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Free University of Bolzano (Italy) and a master’s degree in Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven (Netherlands). Her research is in the field of Design for Mental Health, it is grounded in new materialism, and adopts speculative and participatory approaches. Her research focuses on developing material ways for relational change and uses design to distribute healing in everyday life.

Aditya- Director of Outreach - Poly Campus

As a Director of Outreach, responsibilities include planning and organizing events, from conception to execution, ensures all necessary documents are in place throughout the event timeline, schedules meetings with the Dean of Campuses and creates eye-catching fliers when needed. Additionally, manages the GSC office hours, providing a welcoming environment for all.

I’m Aditya Raj, currently immersing myself in the fascinating world of Technology Management as a master’s student at the Polytechnic campus. My academic journey, a blend of tech innovation and leadership nuances, led me to the role I’m most proud of – serving as your Director of Outreach – Poly within the GPSA. Beyond the classroom, you’ll often find me engrossed in the latest bestseller, exploring the wisdom hidden in the pages. My curiosity doesn’t stop there; I’m an avid podcast listener, always seeking out new perspectives and inspiring stories that challenge my understanding of the world.

Dakshita Jajoo - Director of Outreach - Downtown Campus

Responsibilities include creating an event to spread for GPSA and student engagement with professional development. Building and maintaining relations with ASU different schools at the campus ,  dean of Students office , different student groups as well.

Masters student at Thunderbird School Of Global Management . I like to enjoy every day with some outdoorsy stuff . Originally from India and binge watch series and bake different desserts.

I live by quote – ” Live , Love and Trust “.

Umang Bharat Mavani - Director of Outreach - West Campus

This position serves as a liaison between GPSA and graduate students on their respective campuses, organizing engaging events, collaborating with the public relations team for effective marketing, regularly visiting the Graduate Student Centers, establishing connections with the campus’ Dean of Students, strong community-building skills, excellent communication abilities, and the ability to work collaboratively with various departments and GSOs, actively involved in campus activities, demonstrate ASU pride, and have experience in event planning.

I am a diligent and ambitious Software Development Engineer with over 4 years of experience in product development and management. Throughout my career, I have successfully designed and developed innovative applications that have greatly enhanced user satisfaction through digitalization of physical processes and improved code quality. I am driven to continuously learn about advanced technologies in Computer Science and eager to further grow my career in this field. I am currently pursuing my Masters in Computer Science (MCS) from Fall’23.