Graduate Student Government

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The GPSA Assembly

The GPSA Assembly represents graduate and professional students from colleges and schools across all ASU campuses and online students.  The Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Assembly presently consists of fifty-six (56) voting members who represent more than 29,000 graduate and professional students from ASU Arizona campus locations and online programs. The GPSA Assembly advocates for graduate and professional students on issues of common concern, and it provides oversight for the multitude of activities from GPSA’s Executive governmental branch, including the approval of policy making efforts in the GPSA Student Advocacy Agenda and GPSA Annual Strategic Plan, or monthly GPSA-sponsored event(s) programming. Likewise, as the Legislative governmental branch of GPSA, the GPSA Assembly conducts all oversight, accounting, allocation, and approval for monies or funds disbursement(s) within the annual GPSA Budget (currently valued at ~$1,400,000 dollars) and funding direction of monetary support resources to Graduate Student Organizations (GSO) at ASU.


The primary function of the GPSA Assembly is to pass bills that advocate for graduate and professional student interests and values, approve budgets that promote academic and professional success, and distribute funds to support graduate student organizations (GSOs). Assembly members serve as the primary liaison among their constituents (colleagues), GPSA executives, and the ASU Administration. Join here: