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The Graduate and Professional Association (GPSA) is the graduate student government for Arizona State University. We advocate for students, not only on the university level, but in all levels of government and provide services and resources that facilitate and empower student success in all aspects of academic and professional life.

The Executive Cabinet consists of the five (5) elected executive officers of the Graduate and Professional Association (GPSA): the GPSA President, the Vice President of Internal Affairs, the Vice President of External Affairs, the Vice President of Professional Development, and the Vice President of Campus Engagement. Each member of the Executive Cabinet serves on various University committees and acts as a voice for students to University administration, faculty, and staff.

Traditionally, the GPSA President deals with University-wide issues and administration, while also serving on the Council of Presidents (CoP). The Vice President of Internal Affairs administers GPSA’s research and travel grants process. The Vice President of External Affairs oversees the organization’s advocacy projects and policy priorities. The Vice President of Professional Development plans and implements career development programs and community events to recognize student achievement and strengthen student connections and relationships. The Vice President of Campus Engagement markets GPSA resources, maintains Graduate Student Centers (GSCs) across campuses, designs GPSA promotional materials, and hosts celebratory cultural and diversity events.

Overall, the Executive Cabinet works with the University’s administration, Undergraduate Student Governments (USG), and other community leaders on a range of student services, including affordability, health, sustainability, safety, housing, dining, and construction. 

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The Supreme Court of the Graduate Professional Student Association was established under Title IV of the GPSA Constitution, in order to provide the graduate and professional students of Arizona State University with a judicial body which ensures a fair, equitable, and impartial means of adjudicating disputes arising under the Constitution and the Bylaws of GPSA. The Court is independent of GPSA’s Executive and Legislative branches.

Thus, all rulings of the Court are binding on the GPSA Executive Committee and Assembly. Issues for the Court can be forwarded to any of the Court’s sitting members, the GPSA President, or the Assembly President for placement on the docket. Any student may bring a case to the court, which shall be heard by a quorum of the Justices.

The rules can be found at: GPSA Supreme Court Rules

Any student who wishes to bring a complaint to the GPSA Supreme Court must fill out the Appeal Form and email it to the Clerk of the Court, Germaine Koziarski (

Need to contact the Supreme Court? Please email:

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The office of EC gets to experience both the Executive and Legislative sides of GPSA. The EC works abide by the Elections code and Byelaws in setting up rules for elections and conduct them in a fair and transparent manner.

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